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Economics & Statistics

Government of Nagaland

Government of India
        National Sample Survey 71th Round
                        1. PREFACE ViewDownload
                        2. Highlights ViewDownload
                        3. INTRODUCTION ViewDownload
                        4. CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS ViewDownload
                        5. Morbidity and Hospitalization ViewDownload
                        6. Childbirth and Maternity Health Care Services ViewDownload
                        7. Status of the Aged Persons ViewDownload
                        Appendix A ViewDownload
                        Appendix B (part1) ViewDownload
                        Appendix B (part2) ViewDownload
                NSS 71st Round Education
                                                1. NSS Report on Social Consumption in Nagaland ViewDownload
                                                2. Preface ViewDownload
                                                3. Survey Highlights ViewDownload
                                                4. Contents ViewDownload
                                                5. Abbreviation & Acronym ViewDownload
                                                6. Introduction ViewDownload
                                                7. Concepts & Definitions ViewDownload
                                                8. Level of Education, Current enrollment & attendance status ViewDownload
                                                9. Participation & Expenditure on Education ViewDownload
                                                10. Drop outs and Discontinuance ViewDownload
                                                11. Access to Computers & Internets ViewDownload
                                                12.1. Appendix A ViewDownload
                                                12.2. Appendix B ViewDownload
                                                NSS 71st Round Education (Full) ViewDownload