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Price Statistics
        PRICE 2007
                        Price 2007 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2008
                        final CPI 08 ViewDownload
                        Yearly 2008 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2009
                        April to June 09 ViewDownload
                        Jan to March 09 ViewDownload
                        July to Sep09 ViewDownload
                        Oct to Dec09 ViewDownload
                        yearly 2009 FINAL ViewDownload
        PRICE 2010
                        July Sep10 Final ViewDownload
                        Oct To Dec10 Final ViewDownload
                        Yearly Price Statistics 2010 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2011
                        Oct To Dec11 ViewDownload
                        2011 YEARLY Fnl ViewDownload
        PRICE 2012
                        Quarterly Price Statistics March 2012 ViewDownload
                        Yearly Price Statistics 2012 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2013
                        Jan to Mar 13 ViewDownload
                        Quarterly Price statistics June 2013 ViewDownload
                        Quarterly Price statistics July to Sept 2013 ViewDownload
                        Quarterly Price statistics Oct to Dec2013 ViewDownload
                        Yearly Price Statistics 2013 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2014
                        Quarterly April to June 2014 ViewDownload
                        Quarterly July to Sept 2014 ViewDownload
                        Quarterly Oct to Dec 2014 ViewDownload
                        Yearly Price statistics 2014 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2015
                        Yearly Price 2015 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2016
                        Price 2016 quarterly ViewDownload
                        Anl Price statistics Report 2016 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2017
                        Price Statistics Quarterly Jan to Mar2017 ViewDownload
                        SECOND QUARTERY April to June 2017 ViewDownload
                        THIRD QUARTER July to Aug 2017 ViewDownload
                        4th Quarterly price Oct to Dec2017 ViewDownload
                        Price CPI ANNUAL 2017 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2018
                        Price CPI 1ST QUARTER 2018 ViewDownload
                        Price CPI 2ND QUARTER 2018 ViewDownload
                        Price bulletin 2018 yearly ViewDownload
        PRICE 2019
                        1ST QUARTER(CPI)2019 ViewDownload
                        Annual Price Bulletin 2019 ViewDownload
                        Price - 2nd Quarter 2019 ViewDownload
                        Price - 4th Quarter 2019 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2020
                        Price - 1st Quarter 2020 ViewDownload
                        Price - 2nd Quarter 2020 ViewDownload
                        PRICE 3RD QUATER 2020 ViewDownload
                        PRICE 4TH QUARTER 2020 ViewDownload
                        ANNUAL PRICE BULLETIN 2020 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2021
                        CPI FOR RURAL, URBAN & COMBINED FOR THE QUARTER JANUARY-MARCH 2021 ViewDownload
                        CPI FOR RURAL, URBAN & COMBINED FOR THE QUARTER APRIL-JUNE 2021 ViewDownload
                        CPI FOR RURAL, URBAN & COMBINED FOR THE QUARTER JULY-SEPTEMBER 2021 ViewDownload
                        ANNUAL PRICE 21 ViewDownload
        PRICE 2022
                        ANNUAL PRICE BULLETIN 2022 ViewDownload
                        URBAN & COMBINED FOR THE QUARTER 1ST QUARTER ViewDownload